CJP Architects
Washington Park Botanical Garden

Springfield Park District

Springfield, Illinois

Several years in the making this project was first programmed by the Springfield Park District to highlight a Bonsai collection they received as well as to provide a space for various events that otherwise could not be accommodated in the other existing spaces. The multi-purpose nature of the facility brought an opportunity for the Washington Park Botanical Garden (WPBG) to host events from flower shows to wedding receptions.

While the structure can be entered from the exterior, it was designed to be entered from the dome of the WPBG. It is situated to become a backdrop to the dramatic dome and symmetrical structure of the original building. It has large windows facing an existing Carillon making it a visual focal point from the large multi-purpose space; the tall vertical windows were designed as “a nod” to the verticality of the Carillon which in and of itself is a unique feature within Washington Park.