CJP Architects
Stained Glass Cabinet Door

Springfield, Illinois

The design for bookcases on either side of a fireplace in a 1927 “bungalow” became the framework for the design of stained glass panels in doors enclosing the bookcases. The design, Concept No. 7, represents the family of the owner/architect.

A family of five is represented in the hierarchy of the design from youngest at the bottom through oldest at the top. Each of three children along with their two parents is represented with individual panels within the overall panel. One color from each of the children’s panels is represented within their parents’ panels. Their mother has those colors in equal sizes while their father has their colors in quantities relating to their age and hierarchy in the family. The father is surrounded by his wife in his panel and his primary color is red while the wife’s primary color is a clear patterned glass; her color is found within all of the panels.

Two of four panels were displayed in the M.G. Nelson Family Gallery of the Springfield Art Association from November 21-December 19, 2015 in an exhibit titled Under the Influence representing the work of faculty and students.