CJP Architects
Shelton Residence

Springfield, Illinois

Working with clients on a second major project was a special chance to explore particular design solutions to meet their needs after a fire destroyed our first project together. The owners collect French Rouen polychrome pottery and its bold color palette and sometimes whimsical shapes formed the conceptual basis for many of the design elements of the project.

While the project has the feel of a “traditionally styled” house, all typical conventions are surpassed with unique configurations, shapes, and detailing that make the project special for its owners.

A separate and connected pavilion forms a secondary master bedroom, a stair tower forms a visual element on the primary façade linking all three levels, a barrel vaulted corridor on the second level links two large clear story copper clad windows, and the doors and trim are all of designs specific to the house. Around every corner is a feature to stimulate the senses.

The project was completed in 2004 and has since had a major interior revamping of original color schemes and furnishings that has greatly enhanced the original character of the house. The project was one of the first in a subdivision known as The Reserve with larger than typical lots; it has one of the most mature landscapes. CJP Architects and the owners often discussed that one of the most basic things desired from the design was that when viewing the house it would make someone smile; mission accomplished!
“….one of the most creative people I’ve ever met….”

- Teressa Shelton, Springfield Scene Magazine, September/October 2007