CJP Architects
Personalities Paint

Springfield Art Association

Springfield, Illinois

In 2011, Charles Joseph Pell, a principal of CJP Architects, was asked to paint a favorite Springfield, Illinois location for an annual Springfield Art Association (SAA) fundraiser known as Personalities Paint. Each work of art created by various “artists” was auctioned to raise funds for the SAA.

For the 2011 Personalities Paint, Pell chose the Illinois Capitol as his subject and indicated in his biography for the event: “the Capitol is a building that never stops giving – it’s bombastic at all levels and is simply fun to explore.” His Capitol Colors No. 1 now resides in a private collection.

In 2013, Pell was again asked to participate in Personalities Paint. This time his subject was Edwards Place, the historic house owned by the SAA and its first home and studio. His Edwards Place Cube + 1 was purchased and given to the SAA for their permanent collection by a patron.