CJP Architects
Lottery Building

Springfield, Illinois

As a part of the SDAT (Sustainable Design Assessment Team), a program of The American Institute of Architects, several architecture firms were asked to create plausible solutions for various sites. CJP Architects selected a vacant structure that was last leased by the State of Illinois for office space, and often referred to as the Lottery Building the first name being the State agency for which it was constructed.

The new space conceives of a live work medical community where research would be conducted and those conducting the research could live adjacent to their work. The project was designed with two levels of residential space with varying size units; laboratory/clinical research space fill the portion of the building that had been warehouse by the addition of floors and existing first floor space has been designed to accommodate office/retail space. The site is large enough to add other residential units potentially along the Third Street Corridor which in the future will be a green space after the existing rail is consolidated with the Tenth Street Corridor.

The structure is in the legislated Mid-Illinois Medical District. After this concept was created, the building was sold to Memorial Hospital and converted to medical use for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; however, the resulting project is not mixed use and includes no residential space.