CJP Architects
Kolkmeier Residence - Fence

Springfield, Illinois

We learn from Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall that “good fences make good neighbors.” While no doubt an interesting philosophical discussion could ensue, this project to create a sculptural fence in fact embodied the poetic refrain.

This project represented no less than the fourth opportunity to work with the client. The client and their neighbor each wanted something. The neighbor desired more land for an additional garage and the client desired additional garage space in their motor court for an ancillary vehicle. The client wanted the land purchase to include a significant oak and for the fence and wall of the neighbor’s garage (facing them) to relate to their house. After many garage designs, the client realized they did not need a garage. After being shown a simple illustration for the ultimate concept, the client worked with their neighbor and a local contractor to execute a “good fence.”

The sculptural fence has multiple heights and widths in order for views to be constantly changing. When the client and their neighbors meet face to face it is open and inviting. When the client and their neighbors are at angles to one another it becomes tight and private. The wall to the neighbor’s garage undulates as does the fence to provide a visually pleasing backdrop to the motor court.

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