CJP Architects
Eisenhower Pool

Springfield Park District

Springfield, Illinois

Since this public pool was constructed in the late 1960’s competitive swimming regulations have changed requiring deeper depths for starting races from starting blocks as well as other requirements. The Springfield Park District approached CJP Architects about how best to accomplish the task of making a deeper pool.

CJP Architects’ design made a deeper pool not by creating a new bottom, but by raising the pool’s water elevation. The water elevation was raised by constructing a curb around the pool with a new gutter system that achieved two important features of the project. Those features included the new depth which helped to aid in making a faster pool as well as one where swimmers could dive into it from a start blocking; a faster pool was also created with the new gutter system that did not reverberate water back into the pool like the original. The redesigned pool allows water to spill over its edge into the gutter.

The success of this project led to the Peoria Public Schools District 150 to engage CJP Architects to redesign the pool at the former Manual High School.