CJP Architects
Clayville Porch Restoration

Pleasant Plains, Illinois

In 2009, the Pleasant Plains Historical Society (PPHS) was formed to purchase and restore the Clayville Historic Site west of Springfield and just a mile east of Pleasant Plains. Based on documented research, the primary structure on the site known as the Broadwell Inn/Tavern was built sometime between 1824 and 1834.

The Inn/Tavern was originally built with 2 two-level porches. The project’s goal was to replicate the porches in a manner that best represented the type of porch and materials used in the first half of the nineteenth century. The design took into account the architecture the Broadwell family was most familiar with in their time on their multi-year journey from New Jersey to Illinois including many years in Ohio.

The project uses minimal materials and truly completes the structure as it was intended. The re-construction of the porches (completed in October 2012) has added a new and lively dynamic to the historic site that has energized the PPHS’s large volunteer base. The porches have already been used as a backdrop and stage set for a play written specifically for the site.