CJP Architects
CJP Furniture
Furniture design seems to be a natural extension of architecture. CJP Furniture was first thought of with a suite of furniture for kids. Its mantra: Playful – Timeless – Inspiring, is meant to reflect and establish its broader design concepts.

Shown to the public for the first time as a part of an exhibit at the Springfield Art Association in Springfield, Illinois in 2006, CJP Furniture is available and can be ordered through CJP Architects and delivered directly.
"A star of the show is Chuck Pell, whose colorful and whimsical originall furniture greets you at the center of the gallery. The bold designs of his CJP Architects, including the successful new Conservation World at the state fairgrounds, give hope for a brighter, livelier town."

- Fletcher Farrar, Editior, Illinois Times - January 26-February 1, 2006.