CJP Architects
Adams Street Office Building

Springfield, Illinois

413 East Adams Street is a distinctive building over 100 years old on the north side of its street and is the only one to extend from the street to the alley behind. It has 5 levels with the two top levels situated near the rear half of the structure.

CJP Architects envisions that giving this building new life for the next 100 years will require not only technical features such as sprinklers, but new mechanical systems and other features that will bring a level of sustainability to the project worthy of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

The design includes punching two light wells into the long narrow structure for natural light, the addition of a green roof/terrace, and the construction of a new volume of space at the fourth and fifth levels. The project is meant to take advantage of typical mixed use opportunities found in an urban environment by having retail and other activity at grade with professional office space on upper levels.